Monday, May 11, 2009

Disney Fort Wilderness Campground in Florida

Hi, this is Lauren from Show Family One reporting. We took a trip from Virginia to Florida last week. We stayed at the Disney campground. We love the Disney campground. It has horses and golf carts that you can rent. On the last day we rented a golf cart. (This is a picture of my uncle and cousins when they rented a golf cart there:
We put our dog Coby on it and he barked up a storm. A little boy saw Coby and acted like he was in awe of him because he thought he was so handsome. My Aunt Dot and Uncle Fred came to visit us and she asked if Coby were a girl or a boy. My mom laughed and told them he is a boy.

We did not go into Walt Disney World this trip, but we did swim and they had a big water slide that even the adults could slide down. My brother Josh rode on it but they had to turn the jets off when he rode on it. We swam almost every day we were there and we got sunburned more than we got tan.

We went to the beach twice when we were in Florida. I swam out really far. I was nervous because they had a lot of jelly fish there, but I didn't see any. We didn't bury each other in the sand because my Dad doesn't like sand. We had fun!

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