Tuesday, June 23, 2009

San Diego Natural History Museum

This is Show Family 2 reporting live from San Diego CA. We are almost all the way to the Mexican border here and we are enjoying the sunny weather. One of the fun things we've done while here is to visit this museum with models of dinosaurs. Are you as fascinated by these wonderful animals as we are? We learned all sorts of interesting things about them.

We also learned more about fossils while here. You can visit some of the links below to see what we did learn here.

Unit Studies/Teaching Guides
After the Dinosaurs: When Crocodiles Ruled
The Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park: The Lost World (K-8)
Feathered Dinosaurs and the Origin of Flight

Dinosaur Word Search
Dinosaur Word Search 2
Jurassic Jumble

Dinosaur Games & Activities (Experiments)
Dino and Fossil Activities

Dinosaur Math
Math Learning Videos

Geological Timeline (Printable)

Fun Facts
Paleontology FAQ

Books recommended by the Museum

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