Sunday, April 12, 2009

The state of Texas

This is Show Family Two. Right now we are in the state of Texas. Here is a map of Texas:This is the state flag:The capital is Austin. Texas became a state on December 29, 1845. The state bird is the mockingbird. The state flower is the bluebonnet. The state tree is the pecan tree.

Some fun facts about Texas found at this site:

Rodeo is the official state sport of Texas.

The only place in the world where they make Dr Pepper according to the original formula is in Dublin, Texas. Dr Pepper was invented in Waco in 1885. There is no period after the Dr in Dr Pepper.

Seventy-five percent of the world's Snickers bars are made in Waco at the M&M/Mars plant.

Three existing Indian reservations are in the state: the Alabama-Coushatta Reservation, located between Livingston and Woodville in East Texas; Ysleta del Sur Pueblo (Tigua Indian Reservation) near El Paso; and the Kickapoo Reservation in Maverick County. Most Native Americans in Texas live outisde reservations. Texas' Indian population ranks sixth among the states, with approximately 65,000.

The official dance is the square dance.

Texas is home to about 2.5 million deer and 200,000 alligators.

The World’s largest parking lot is located at DFW Airport.

The official dish of Texas is chili.

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Unit Studies:

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Educational Games About Texas:

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***What things do you know about Texas that we haven't added to our list yet?

***Are there any questions that you have about Texas?

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