Sunday, April 12, 2009

Welcome to Show Us the World Too

We thought it would be fun to share our travels and what we are learning with all of you! Now you can join our journey and travel along with us. Feel free to ask questions or share spots you would like to see with us as we go.

Who are "we"? We are two families that both travel. Our families are made up of two brothers who are named Daryl and Nathan, their wives who are named Diana and Krystal and their children who are Auburn-16, Austin-14, Lauren-12 and Joshua-3.

Sometimes we travel together, so you will see up sharing our travels and experiences. Sometimes we are traveling in different parts of the country, so you will see what both of us are up to with our own experiences during those times.

No matter what, we love to see new and exciting things and we believe each thing we see and do is a learning experience.

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